Sustainable Architecture January 23, 2023 at 9:58 pm

Sustainability and the green economy are every day current issues in society and business today. Organize or promote sustainable events turns out to be a very current trend, perfectly in line with the climate of austerity imposed by the economic crisis. Check out Ian Cole for additional information. There are many areas of interest that they may develop organically, sport, art, but there is one that stands out in particular: the architecture. Sustainable architecture leads to expand and improving from several years ago. There are many initiatives to raise awareness and promote the creation of buildings and sustainable housing.

One of these events is the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) which this year will take place in Madrid. The event was born in the United States.UU. as US DOE Solar Decathlon in 2010. Your simile European origins in the signing of a bilateral agreement between the Spanish and American Governments as a result of the participation of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in previous editions held in Washington DC. In particular, is an International University competition that It promotes the development of efficient housing. The aim is that participants get designing and constructing low houses, paying particular attention in the reduction of energy use and the use of other non-traditional sources, such as solar. In September 2012, during the final phase of the competition each team from 15 different countries will need to assemble your project in an area open to the public called Solar village, located in Madrid.

Each of these teams is supported by one or more universities, with economic and technical collaboration of institutions and companies. The Organization of the event has a double purpose. From the educational point of view, the decathletes learn to work in multidisciplinary teams developing innovative solutions. At the same time, the public checks and becomes aware of the real benefits of the reduction of the environmental impact of buildings, without reducing the comfort and quality of the design in homes.

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