Travel Inspirations

On the road with ‘ King Charles’ in the natural pharmacy Namibia Namibia is a barren, dry country that appear inhospitable and hostile to many visitors at first glance. It is a desert country. Add to your understanding with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Nevertheless, it exerts a fascination almost not to invalidate on the majority of […]

Bachmann Prize Lutz Seiler

Diary entries from the winter of 1946 / 1947 in Berlin winter 1946 in Berlin. The apartment of the bankers and also of Friedrich Helms is bombed, he now lives with his family in the garden shed in Wilhelm Horst. Half a year to end the war, the place is under Russian occupation. Food is […]

Markus Gruber Trade Representative

Success launching the skin & allergy with 40 percent increase for the introduction of the magazine was a circulation of 100,000 copies. Orders over 140,000 books were available for the second edition published by straight. All orders received after the end of production on April 30, 2010, can therefore only be included in subsequent editions. […]

New Poetry Book Of Rajymbek

Calvert publishing long wavy published “The Weser Lamb” of Rajymbek Rajymbek, actually Roland Pollnitz, born in 1958 as the first son of a working-class family in Wolmirsleben, a small village of the Magdeburg Borde, is one of the most prolific poets of today. In 2003, he published his first volume of poetry poetry in the […]