Hamond foresees the death of 1 the 2 slaves per day. Days later it comments that 200 of the best slaves had been stolen during the night. With this episode it manifest incredulity of that the government really wanted to abolish the traffic, therefore the treated one was sufficiently disagreeable for the Brazilians. Worse it […]

Honest A Lie

Honest a Lie Today beginning this order honesty, that thus we will only recognize ourselves. There he has some time I perceive that the man took for habit the poor education of the lie and this never was newness except until yesterday, when, talking concerning the things human beings, marked a lie of heard who […]


One does not argue soccer, soccer and religion. It has people that she makes question to say that does not argue politics, soccer and religion. The decision is sensible, therefore such subjects tend to create attritions, since nobody change of idea when it is about these subjects. How much to the politics and the religion […]