New Standby Regulation Available

Energy Master eQ-3 AG makes energy consumption in the household and Office precisely measurable empty March 26, 2010 the EU legal situation regarding power consumption of electronic devices is tightened. According to the new standby and power supply regulation, higher requirements must be met now. So, electrical appliances in standby mode may consume in the […]

Wildlife Conservation

Study confirms a high yield of cocoa and species not mutually sustainable cocoa farming concept by CacaoInvest. This strongly confirms a study by agricultural ecologist of at Gottingen of University. The in the journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States”published research evidence that agroforestry to the cocoa – like […]

Photovoltaic Fall

Feed-in tariff 2012 drops to 15 percent at the turn of the year the State photovoltaic promotion to 15 percent drops. From 1 January 2012, who builds an own solar power system on the roof, receives a fee from 24,43 fed a kilowatt-hour. The current feed-in remuneration amounted to 28,74 cents. As reported by the […]