Russian Civilization

At present in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, a number of reasons Neolithic civilization began in two thousand years later, compared with the epicenter (which serves as the metronome of historical time), and the next two civilization were not pronounced and completed at an accelerated pace (only in the Northern Black Sea – an area of ancient […]

Light and Space Environment

An important basis of artistic imagery in realistic art is tonal pattern that reproduces the subject in the form of light and space environment. This drawing is the foundation that allows move on to painting. Not owning a tone pattern, the artist before bezpomoschen picturesque image of the objective world of phenomena. No less important […]

Grand Master

In this case it is a natural characteristic, unusual personal modesty. Helena has always tried to stay in the shadows, avoiding meetings with press. With that role and its importance for the whole family were great. For Nicholas Roerich was druginey and Lada. It's her he dedicated his film "leading." And several others. Sons in […]

Socialist Labor

Retreating under the blows of the Soviet Army, the invaders destroyed all in its path: burned villages and blew up bridges, factories, railway stations and schools. The Nazis destroyed the eight industrial-artisanal cooperative, 160 Utility buildings, 19 schools, district library, 2 hospitals, burnt 5903 houses and destroyed the plant "Glavplodovosch." During the occupation were shot […]

Gentle Breeze

Vdoh.Vydoh. I hear as the air leaves my lungs, giving precious minutes zhizni.V povsidnevnoy bustle, I forgot the sound, but now vysunovshis out the window, I hear, I chuvstuyu.Okazyvaetsya this city knows how to sleep before I do not noticed it seemed to me that life is seething even nochyu.V a warm sweater, half vysunovshis […]

Leo Tolstoy

Five minutes from the hooter, to DC "Meliorator", which hosted the event. Total: 14 minutes! And in this time and decided to err, but suddenly will not work with an interpreter. With our another, the deputy managed to work spetsbrigada cover. Not "sophistry", smiling and showing his thumb, "they say, well done, well done." He […]

Argentine Deregulation

In fact, this meant funds, he continued holding, the Railway decapitalization process begun in 1907. In addition, with the deregulation of the trucking. An additional discouraging, was given to the intercity passenger rail and the interior of the country. That deregulation was intended blending the disappearance of recent intercity passenger services. Somehow you can display […]