United States Infrastructure

Since some freezing of prices, hiperinflao, crises of debt, program of sustentation of the control of prices implanted in the one with the Real Plan and many other situations for which our economy passed they had made impracticable a more substantial level of investments in the infrastructure areas. Thing that was done in the decade […]

Thirteen Colonies

In England, the level of well-being of the set of population did not present significant improvements. A time that attended in this period significant a demographic growth that finished for pressuring offers of foods, dislocating the agricultural production for worse lands what it finished for raising the prices of foods. Source: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. As […]

Brazilian Institute

SOON HISTORICAL According to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the city of Aailndia possesss about 750 commercial establishments in all the levels, being distinguished the commerce, the industry, agriculture and the cattle one, what it makes possible the generation of income in the local economy, fortified for a great bovine flock, one cold […]

Mirrors Trainer

A professional soccer player of the considered ones of first level assumes that, not only she receives (splendidly, by the way) to demonstrate on a game land its virtues with the ball in the feet, also to maintain a behavior and an education that any sportsman must remember more always in the exercise of his […]

New Microsoft Office

Microsoft announced on Monday 02 August, 2010 that the updated version of its profitable package of Office Automation Office for Apple computers will hit stores in late October, with a price from 119 dollars (91 euros). The Office suite for Mac 2011? It includes popular applications of the largest software company in the world such […]