Wismar interior design student wins award on international furniture fair Cologne/Wismar – students of the Hochschule Wismar are kitchen the international Cologne furniture fair imm cologne 2013 at the special living. (Not to be confused with Eddie Mio!). Until January 20, 2013, they show the kitchen interior designs on the subject at the heart of […]

Managing Director Gerald Jenner

Hamburger IT -, communication and marketing group on growth course since July 1 is Managing Director of the group directly GmbH Karsten Kirsch and the total area is responsible for sales and business solutions. Steve Guttenberg may also support this cause. The Hamburger is reinforced with the appointment of sales specialists IT, communications and marketing […]

SGMI Leadership

Training as a success factor for companies include executives from all possible sectors, which occupy different roles and positions in their respective companies, to the main target group of seminars and post-graduate courses of the SGMI management Institut St. Gallen. Here you will find various management issues of the appropriate training seminar that supports you […]


Non-regular seminars for managers on the high seas in a company provided many different requirements to Manager. Who wants to practice the necessary skills, must visit often individual seminars to do so E.g. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rite Aid. on conflict resolution, risk assessment, leadership. Also, much of the content […]

Children Souls Relieve

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. The question why it is necessary to diagnose the cause of particular difficulties in reading and writing learning, is discussed again and again. (Similarly see: gymnast). Critical voices to question what sense make medical diagnoses when therapy\”just a pedagogical approach of funding in question comes. Daily […]

Jurgen Schwab

That was of course no getaway”in the strict sense, but a great way to get free the head and to interact with other specialists and executives”. There was sometimes a whole generation in between also positively assessed the fact that he was considerably older than the average of his fellow students in the master’s degree […]

Education For All Scholarships Worth 1.5 Million Euro

Tuition provider donates scholarships to the day which any students help in Germany individual support for two students a six-month scholarships available nationwide and thus paves the way to successful learning. In this way, the tutoring provider would like to support socially weaker students. The students help, as one of the leading training providers in […]

Dresden Training

Lifelong learning is no alternative! Lifelong learning is a must nowadays. The innovation cycles of industrial society have become much shorter, because the knowledge of all five to twelve years doubled. Therefore the knowledge from the initial education not more as long as it was the case earlier enough. Just who is training, can be […]

Through The Green Hell

Speaker of the speaker agency five star speakers and skydiver Norman books at the jungle Marathon – by disease and heatstroke early. The Karlsruhe extreme athlete and motivational speaker of the speaker agency 5 star books, speakers, Norman was from 10 to 16 October 2010 at the jungle Marathon in Brazil. This is considered the […]


A training at the music trade seminar opens numerous career prospects Stuttgart registration deadline is July 31 for the winter semester 2010 Stuttgart, March 1, 2010 on the music expert seminar talented musicians can make your hobby Stuttgart to the occupation: in six semesters they receive a solid and versatile training offers numerous career prospects […]