Special Education

In 1932, Helena Antipoff established together with a group of educators and filantropos, the Pestalozzi Society of Belo Horizonte, This institution is destined the education of children, who, for being carrying of some organic abnormality or even though for problems of partner-economic origin, do not obtain to follow the program of the regular school. This […]

Video Subliminal Tea

This is subliminal technology programming your subconscious mind in a positive way without making a conscious effort. You can program your subconscious mind to achieve anything you want, using subliminal music and even subliminal video. This is release all your hidden power to run it. From my own personal experience, I can say that your […]

Travel To Rome

Rome has its history in the streets and therefore your life. Past and present are aligned and when night falls, the lights illuminating monuments and darkness makes people quit and continue to enjoy what this city offers. As good capital and tourist center its bustle continues with stars as a backdrop. The first thing is […]

Ukrainian Universities Ranking

Participants in the project "Compass – 2009" will be 234 Ukrainian University 3-4 accreditation to provide training bachelors and masters in five areas: business / economic profession, law, engineering professions, information technology (IT), architecture / construction. Ranking for "Compass" have developed a special methodology that takes into account the information obtained as a result of […]


When entering the school, the child suffers a considerable physicist-mental impact, therefore, until then, its life was exclusively dedicated to the toys and the familiar environment. The educators can consider the object construction for the tricks as games, books of histories, box surprise, thus being able to develop activities with the children stimulating logical reasoning, […]

The Beginning

If the transition to three-dimensional space of the cell to 0, 0, 0, "commit both N objects, and the time of committing one step T = t / n, where t – time elapsed since the beginning of wandering, the value of Vr = r 1 – (Mx 2 + My 2 + Mz 2) […]