Ecological Ethics

This vision implies and establishes ecological ethics, forcing the abandonment of the old techniques of plantation for the way of agro ecology. In agro ecology agriculture is seen as an alive and complex system, rich in diversity with some types of plants and animals among others as microorganisms and minerals. The sprouting of agro ecology […]

Brazilian Institute

The main watersheds are the Mountain range of the Serrinhas and the Mountain range of the Currency, both located to the west and the Mountain ranges of the Jaguar and Fine Ouro to the east of the city. For diagnosis of the superficial hdricas availabilities they had been raised given of the fluviomtricas stations of […]

Ambient Education Human

Relating the laws here esplanades to an performance front the education I turn it the thought of Pablo Freire (2000, p.66-67) ' ' It urges that let us assume the duty to fight for the ethical principles more basic as of the respect to the life of the human beings, to the life of the […]

Sustainable Development

Estimated that they had generated the elaboration of the central idea of the Work (the Ambientale Education Sustainable Development) persists and if they extend, reason for which the Autorsentiu stimulated to publish it in the WebArtigos, for the certainty of that its contedocontinua brought up to date. The author waits that the boarded subjects can […]

Global Responsibility

Such beddings had been reaffirmed in the Conference of Tbilisi. The directed educational politics for the EducaoAmbiental, in Brazil, absorbed principles of the Conference of Tbilisi. The PolticNacional de Educao Ambiental (PNEA) has as main documents dereferncia for the development of its action directed toward the educaoambiental the Letter of Belgrade (1975), Chapter VI of […]