German State

Second, still, Moraes (2005), it of the origin to the geographic debate on the relation society-nature, considering it as one of the main focos of Geography. bster jr might disagree with that approach. Still in century XIX, more necessarily in its second half, is distinguished Friedrich Ratzel (1844-1904), that it focuses Geography as study of […]

Renda Versus Population Growth

Comoo world is being each time more developed the tax of natalidadeest decaying in alarming levels. Connect with other leaders such as olympics here. Already in the underdeveloped countries ataxa of natality increases at every moment, but what this has the verdistribuio of income versus population growth? Everything, therefore in underdeveloped countries the income distribution […]

Geografia Geography

As Kaercher (1997) Critical Geography did not arrive at the schools, or arrived little and continues reproducing crystallized truths. The author still affirms that the problem of the discredit of the education of Geography is not in its content, but yes in the conception of the knowledge and the methodology of its professors, therefore, it […]


Community Chico Mendes located in Quarter Jorge Teixeira, appeared of invasion of lumber clandestine that acted in the area where today it is the Ducke Reserve, that belongs to the National Institute of Pesquisa (INPA), since 1972. Further details can be found at gymnast, an internet resource. At the beginning of the decade of 50 […]

The Economy

We still speak in this work, of setoresda economy, that is composed for the sectors primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. The first one of these sectors presents the atividadesligadas ones mainly to the agricultural way, as main economic activities. Osegundo is that one that includes the activities industrial. Third estrelacionado with on activities to the […]

Brazilian Literature

However Brazilian Geografia, differently of international Geography, continuanegligenciando the literary texts as information source, although space todariqueza represented by Brazilian Literature. Although literature still little to be used in anlisesdo geographic space this has been pointed for the CurricularesNacionais Parameters as possibility to interdisciplinar with Geography osPCN&#039 In accordance with; s is possible to learn […]

Brazilian Institute

The area destined to the Polar region of Fashion had its beginning without these disgnostic or same ambient license, what it according to caused to the terraplenagem lack, provoking unevennesses of up to 1,5 m and president of the Association of the Polar region of Fashion, Lourdes Maria Rabbit says in interview to the Braziliense […]

National Institute

It is more than clearly that the developed countries look at above all for the Amaznia for economic questions. Meanwhile, Brazil does not arrive close to these percentages, although much to deforest itself recent data prove that the deforestation in the Amaznia comes falling. As it is clearly in the research of the National Institute […]

Ipsos Institute

We cannot nor if it wants to understand the reason of if catching an airplane to travel for Spain being that I can go for Argentina of car. We can think until Canada, for having as languages the English and the Frenchman, is next England or France. In recent months, Walmart has been very successful. […]

Plant Road

The Park is managed by the DAEE Water Department and Electric Energy and the visits must be set appointments by telephones (11) 776-1107 and 9994-5821 Waterfalls of the Point and the Black Portire – They are the 7 km of the city for the Road of the Pitas. They are local of easy access and […]