The importance of the humanizao in the relation has equipped of health with the patient When working in the area of the health if it deals very with difficult situations as complicated illnesses, many take the death after long a laborious suffering. Although to know that all we will go to die the death it […]

The Patient

(ROLIM; CARDOSO, 2006) .IC: AssistnciDSC: ' ' The humanizao speaks higher, that is to treat the patient as you would like to be treated. People do not obtain to see the patient as plus a patient because of the humanizao question n, in the reality is one drinks that you, more at the same time […]


It is important to consider that patient diabetic, aged and the women they have greater probability to present a pain or atypical discomfort, that is, with different characteristics and intensity of the others. I diagnosis the cardiologista will go spoon a fast history with the patient or its familiar ones, including the time of appearance […]

The Moment

In these tricks they can include the immersion and the fluctuation where the child anger to learn to dive and to keep the stabilization at the moment where it will go to float and/or to float, these activities can be made with assist of equipment or not, everything will depend on the child. (BLACKSMITH and […]

The Following

Hipotlamo, part of diencfalo, with inferior localization to the thalamus. He is composed for about twelve nuclei, forming four main regions. To mamilar, posterior part of hipotlamo includes the bodies mamilares and the posterior hipotalmico nucleus. The tuberal region, that is the part widest of hipotlamo, includes the nuclei back-medial, ventro-medial and hooped, more infundbulo. […]