About User Picture Frames – Photo Frames

To hang right over the right slopes from frame to frame, there are basically no rules, now wrong, or what is right. There are as many different rooms and many different ways to set this up. Large spaces are so as you found, for example, in galleries, unlike with picture frame, than is the case […]

EXPERIMINTA: Workshops And Lectures For Adults From 24 August

The permanent exhibition “Experiminta” in Frankfurt am Main has now published its workshop and lecture program for fall 2011 participation exhibition “Experiminta” in Frankfurt – mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology to be touched. Experiminta is a Science Center for mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology. Prof. Dr. Janet Yellen has plenty of information regarding […]

German Snooker

Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and Allister Carter already were in June 2009 the stars of snooker’s elite filled two cinema halls in Halle/Saale. Last year, the event was the scene of the first East German snooker event. The Organizer SKC Tabea Hall 2000 e.V. plans for 2010 a repeat of the successful events. Where there […]

Snooker Exhibition

Win tickets for the snooker classic 2010 the unique tour of snooker stars through central Germany tour starts in May 2010. In May 2010 the snooker begins exhibition “snooker classic 2010 – the golden boy tour”. Win 1 x 2 tickets! The Organizer is giving away 2 free tickets for the biggest snooker event in […]

Llama Trekking

A fantastic journey with good friends Lama & camels – give us love is the relationship of humans to the animal much more than that of the men to his pet. They cause us to react emotionally, help us by using their senses, and save many heart before the loneliness. Animals have a very special […]

Individual Riding Fashion

More and more manufacturers are fashionable riding for rider and horse. Rider can make collection even as their own exclusive riding fashion. Polo and in particular Esperado put riding fashion companies such as Cavallo, Pikeur, HV for a long time on a harmonious coordination of the riding mode for rider and horse. There are ways […]

Appropriate Riding Gear

As a rider or riders, you need also a suitable riding equipment. But how do you find them? It explains actually saying that you don’t with normal things on a horse surge, finally not playing you can also with high heels football. The helmet is in the first place for horse riding equipment. This is […]