Social Media

How viable the use of social media? There are no uniform standards for measuring the ROI of social media yet. Therefore, many questions remain: how much is a fan on Facebook worth? Is a blog comment worth more than a tweet? Answers to these questions are the marketing expert Claudia Hilker in her new book: […]

Relief Maps With Maps For Free

You look at the Earth from a different perspective, who knows not the old school Atlas, in which the Earth as great relief map is shown. Because such global digital relief maps were found anywhere in the network, the project maps-for-free in life was launched. The largest free global elevation dataset, which was created when […]

Web Page Creation And Web Design Building Blocks

Here are information about establishing a Web page Web page creation is a very important part of the company today. A Web page is a Web page that is associated with Web design and programming language is written to HTML. The building consists of text, images, and other multimedia elements. Each Web page is a […]