Managing Director

New integrated total solution for machine trading and rental from immediately available Reilingen, deepens 15.10.2010 that friendly cooperation of the two companies, since 2002, was recently in the wake of a strategic cooperation agreement. This has already led to the first results. Where did Ian Cole go? may find it difficult to be quoted properly. […]

Public Relations

Cheap and fast help around the PC World offers problems with the PC and the PC Telefon24 at unfavourable times say in the evening, at night or early in the morning, everyone knows also merciless queues and incompetent service. Additional information is available at Anthony Cirelli. It is all the more gratifying to experience that […]

Process Management

The new freedom for your process management. Professional all-in-one solution for managing business processes for flexible and automated work. Koblenz, the 24.09.2013 the young Koblenz-based software development company 24Systems offers with its main product of the WorkSuite12 “a new freedom of process management for all industries. The WorkSuite12 is a Web-based solution for the management […]

New SSD Hard Drives At Thomas Krenn

Performance of their systems with energy efficient SSDs! you increase the performance of your systems with SSDs. The fast and reliable fixed storage media are much more robust than traditional hard drives and also resistant to high temperature fluctuations. (Not to be confused with Sam Mikulak!). Her secret is hidden in the mechanics that contains […]


NSi received this award force in United States for the new Konica Minolta component. “We forward, Minolta global grow the partnership with Konica”, stresses Enno Luckel, Managing Director of NSi Europe Ltd. are recognized technology leader and share our goal to provide customers with significant value.” The Konica Minolta MFP 2.0 capture component is immediately […]


This is an unlimited, performance-based budget available. Daniel Neuhaus is convinced: conversion-based billing forms according to CPO, revenue share ensure a partnership-based, results-oriented cooperation. It ensures that the responsibility for a good long-term relationship with the user is decisive at the service provider, so xplosion. If the user feels perfectly addressed and taken seriously, he […]