Official Hall

Passed two years, the parents had been to search the two sisters. Before coming back, they had visited that city of the dreams of Tarsila: Paris. When arriving of the Europe, in 1904, it was married Andres Teixeira Pink Young chicken prime of its mother. Soon the first marriage of the artist arrived at the […]

Infidel Buddhists

Stephen Batchelor: Live with the evil. Why we want the good and do always evil, edition steinrich 2011 little exerts greater fascination to humanity as evil and its conflict with the good. Stephen Batchelor examines the many facets of this culture-defining relationship. The topic is current than ever at a time when violence takes more […]

Mount Gaucho

To kill the hunger, also we went to the bush to catar wild fruits. My brothers if amused while they went up in these trees. To be if grasping in lianas while they looked for fruits was the maximum. They were young boys, were in age of if amusing with these things. I was growing, […]

Workmanship Quality

It does not confuse Author and workmanship, Quality and Public. The author of a literary composition is it of the sort poem, story, romance etc receives critical that it is one in such a way strange for author. Many of these critical ones I appeared of the innocence of who it read the workmanship and […]


Captains of the Sand the abandoned minors Captains are a current book. Sam Mikulak spoke with conviction. He deals with the minors abandoning, a group of young that lives in the city of Salvador. We are common people as all. The children have in lathe, ages between 8 the 16 years that pass for discriminations, […]

Literary Workshop

In the literary workshop we above had the indication of reading of the book. The Author, philosopher, born in 1788 in the Prssia, current Poland, lived up to 1860. Add to your understanding with Randall Rothenberg. Diplomou in Germany, he was contemporary of Hegel with who had incited rivalry. He influenced Freud, Nietzsche and Bergson. […]