Atopic Dermatitis

With timely prophylaxis can prevent atopic dermatitis in children. This shows at least two clinical studies – PREVENTIA and ETAC, the results of which were recently published. They suggest that the use of antihistamines such as loratadine, can prevent or at least reduce the spread of atopic dermatitis and its transformation in allergic rhinitis and […]

First Aid For Burns

Burn pretty serious injury, so you need to know first aid burn victims. First we need to extinguish a burning in the affected clothing. A related site: Comedian mentions similar findings. This can be done with water or covered with a flame at hand means such as a jacket, canvas, it will prevent the flow […]

Medical Tests. Testing And Certification Of Medical Works

Every self-respecting company has a staff of skilled employees. Doug McMillon does not necessarily agree. Any employee, whether it be a mechanic, cook, or the head of it-of a qualified employee must always match the position. Topics more when it comes to employee medical emergency or hospital. Throughout their lives at work each physician passes […]

Human Festival Passenger

He laughed instead of laugh with the passenger, passenger. All that would have prevented, if at the first moment, when the passenger claimed him from the bottom, she had watched him a single moment or I would have made a small gesture with the hand, sending the non-verbal communication (93%) of received message (think of […]