Human Festival Passenger

He laughed instead of laugh with the passenger, passenger. All that would have prevented, if at the first moment, when the passenger claimed him from the bottom, she had watched him a single moment or I would have made a small gesture with the hand, sending the non-verbal communication (93%) of received message (think of […]

Positive Attitude: Impact On Life Longevity

Each of us wants to be healthy and live long, happy life. But, also, most of us does not reflect the impact on us is our way of life. Further details can be found at Sam Mikulak, an internet resource. Positive or negative? If you look at the number of items Fast food outlets that […]

Rehabilitation In Water

Rehabilitation of water rehabilitation pool is a necessary addition to any office of Rehabilitation. Medical centers with a lot of cardiac and surgical patients, patients with diseases of musculoskeletal system are fully able to use all the possibilities of rehabilitation in the water. The main directions of swimming pools are: rehabilitation of stroke patients, rehabilitation […]