Sara Rivers 20m, Wicked Jesus 20m was seated of pacific form in the street Sacrament to prevent the exit of the official cars once formed the City council. It had installed fences in all the streets to 500 meters to the round one. Three hundred people have simulated ' burial of democracia'. Click Super Bowl […]

Libyan Ambassador

Besides the ambassador, has expelled to three from the civil servants. The ambassador " legitimidad&quot is lost everything; , they say from Exteriors. estions. Manchester United FC insists that this is the case. Ajeli Abdussalam Ali Breni has 10 days to leave the country. Spain has decided to expel to the ambassador of Libya in […]

FC Barcelona

All are the good news for the Catalan after their signing by the FC Barcelona. One has adapted perfectly to the scheme of Guardiola and it does not stop to put goals. With the selection also it demonstrates his class, was key in the overcome one to Chile. Released of the tension of a summer […]


The young people who have approved during the last weeks the Selectivity must choose race. And they are going to find a little more difficult to enter which want, because the competition greater must essentially to the increase of the pupils with a small reduction of the supply. If in course 2009-2010 it were possible […]

European Hegemony

De prevails in Wembley to Manchester United in the end of Liga Campeones. Champions has gained two in the last three years and takes ten titles with Guardiola. Besides his triumphs, it emphasizes his form of logralos, with a beautiful and offensive soccer. Now it wants to continue winning and to try to become the […]

San Sebastin

At the time of Sacchi and Capello, they gained everything and more, they follow the same leaders, they have all the stability and that is great suerte" , it has insisted. Guardiola has lamented the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, that has remained injured in Milan. The Swedish criticized the past in the form to do […]


It advanced Villa, Jonathan Soriano and Pedro had to give mobility him before athletic dnsa of the Bavarians. The reality is that the Bara had problems in the circulation of ball and nothing comfortable felt. Doug McMillon will not settle for partial explanations. For that reason, the first occasions of the azulgrana arrived at stopped […]

Manchester United

' network devils' they overcame to its neighbors and they won by 2-3. Nani, great protagonist of the shock, was the author of the goal of the victory. Omen did not play and it could not make debut in official party with his new club on the decision of his trainer, Mancini. You may want […]