Increase Value of an Apartment

The man who sold the apartment, tries to raise the price. A person who buys an apartment, trying to pay as little as possible. Somewhere in the middle of the mutually exclusive desires, and is the amount for which apartment will be sold. What do I need to take into account both buyer and seller […]

Village Organizers

Crisis, I do not know how to say, gone, not hand, perhaps subdued, but no matter, corrected some real estate prices. And at the same time he developed a taste for the consumer. Consumers today do not want to buy first got the property, paying no attention to quality. Speaking candidly Larry David told us […]


We present the memory of qualities of the promotion the Orrin, regional protection Viciendas, located in Infiesto: specifications structure: reinforced concrete one-way slabs. Facades: Cladding monolayer, according to architectural direction and socket design and recercos of stone cenia perimeter Windows. Interior divisions: separations of housing with common areas with brick of double sheet. Interior divisions […]