South Zone

I contend information of the city as a calendar of events interesting etc. 9-Be for the tourist, who disembarks in the New Road River to acquire electronic ticket in order to provide more security and consequently and to facilitate of the ticket in its transit in the city? () Yes () Not 10 – In […]

Victory Sport Club

Games between quarters existed. It was detached that the inhabitants of the quarters Cathedral and Center if congregated sazonalmente to play. According to Mr. Raymond, the LOYAL one was established in 17 of July of 1971 for the following teamses: Altamira Sport Club; America Sport Club; Botafogo Sport Club; Club of Remo de Altamira; National […]

National Association

Section II Of the Social Function of the Art Property. 6 the urban property fulfills its function social when it takes care of to the basic requirements of ordinance established in this Law. to the established norms and urbansticos parameters in the Law of Parcelamento, Use and Occupation of the Ground, and, in special to […]