The Majority

The notion of time in the street is shortened, the people starts to live the immediate gift, the future, exactly next, is uncertain. They have haste, on the other hand, the service? mainly tied with the attention basic -, it is structuralized to take care of to a daily pay-set appointments demand. Thus, the time […]

Banana Borborema

Valley to point out that the displayed information to follow had been acquired in the lessons of the course of Specialization in Tourist Planning, FACTUR, Salvador, Bahia, of the Professor I make bristle Mendona and Renato Senna. On the basis of these preliminary information, it will be exercised creation of a strategical plan for the […]

Federal Constitution

The principle, this means the announcement of the rupture with the emergenciais politics, broken up, discontinous and assistencialistas that until then permeavam the daily one of the Brazilians, therefore it implies in the management of the expressions of the social matters for the proper involved agents in the same ones. Conquests as this and equivalents, […]

Athletic Club

It competed in the three modalities in the first Olimpada of that Brazil participated, in 1920. To the 49 years, it disputed the olmpicos games of 1932. For the CR They are Cristvo, Abraho Saliture won 3 (1923) and 4 (1924) Passages of the Guanabara. The competition of swimming inaugurated in 1921 had one passage […]

Grand Prix Challenge

Traditional sunday spectacle, Formula 1 is disputed has more than half century, being the modality most popular of motoring. Brazil always possessed good representatives in the tracks, making with that the population is always proud of its participation. Beyond being most popular, Formula 1 also is more income-producing modality. With as much passion, it is […]

Police Lack

Of course of postural education basic course and, accomplishment creden-ciamento ambulant of the languages English and Spanish for ambulant storekeepers and. Taxistas or drivers of micron-bus and vansFalta of information on common knowledge of the city of Salvador. Unfamiliarity of languages estrangeirasRealizao of basic courses of the languages English and Spanish and of geography and […]

University Institutes

To tio/Sr. Rui, for having believed the potential of a perpetual apprentice and for the force that granted to me in the accomplishment of the period of training supervised in the House of Charity of So Paulo Muria-Hospital. Ed Bastian is the source for more interesting facts. To all the fellow workers and friends that […]

Health Institution

Place in men, and 7 is presented for degree of incidence in 5 place in women. In the institution searched the comments on this type of cancer had randomly become in reason to inexist registered information statistical. The time was one of the reasons of the researcher not to have executed this task. The collection […]

Muslen Hotel

For the Egyptian one day normal, the commemorative dates of the calendar of the Muslen have different dates (632 D.C of our calendar started in the year), they commemorate in 6 of June, date where Mohammed made its peregrination Meca. In my classroom, my British professor, I it only foreigner between the Arabs. Connect with […]

The Inhabitant

Not for the front, where the shoot out occurred, but for the wall of the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro, who gave for a bilge in the deep ones of the Palace. Subjected the blow attempt, in following days, some rumors gave account of that, for security guard question, the Inhabitant of […]