Hiking Season

Culinary routes of Black Forest and ore mountains is only over the summer season, invite mild autumn day hiking. The wine regions of Germany are particularly good for this. The lush green vines in the late summer or the leaves by the October Sun: the travel portal reisen.de trails presents where there to discover all […]

Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association

Where once sloshed the Jurassic sea: hiking in the Jura trail Regensburg (tvo). Hardly a landscape is as varied and unusual as the Bavarian Jura. Rugged limestone walls, dry valleys and caves, cliffs and witness mountains give him his distinctive face. Here the Jurassic sea spilled over 200 million years ago, when it retreated, it […]

Guided Hiking Day Tour

The WV Spandau e.V. conducted his 3 day hike in the Tempelhof Park with 44 participants. The track length was 9 and 16 km. The GTW 4 will take place at the 28.05.2011 from Southern Cross Station. Berlin, 30.04.2011 – airport Tempelhof is no longer; Tempelhof Park is now! The 3 day hike of the […]

GPS Hiking In The Westerwald

The main trails of the Westerwald Association there Saturday as GPS routes for mobile navigation devices Beselich, 16 September 2009-21 trails with a total length of 1.964 km: are the national main trails, who is in charge of the Westerwald Club in the region between the victory, Rhine, Lahn and dill. Swarmed by offers, NBA […]

Snowshoe Hiking

Guided hiking tours on snowshoes in the Passauer land Tittling (tvo). Hiking IM ilztal is pure nature: crystal clear streams, romantic lakes, original mountain forests, bizarre cliffs, breathtaking views. Around the holiday yard Schmauss in the Passauer land-loving vacationers become explorers nature. If they trudge in the winter on snowshoes through the snow-covered landscape, they […]

Sieg Germany

Classic hiking around the Siegerland is a hike of the month in the walking Atlas of Germany that is Siegerland wooded district in Germany. Here are the Lahn, Sieg and Eder. Here, sustainable development was invented with Hauberg and trickle meadow. Here, the foothills of the Rothaargebirge draw a picturesque low mountain range. And about […]

The Waterfall

In the middle of the flower spikes are, where even nasty carrion odor from escaping. During the jungle trekking we encounter as a motley crew leeches that suck himself firmly on the sneakers and try to get there to suck blood into the socks. Also a hairy caterpillar stretches forward on a fallen tree trunk […]

Sightseeing On Wheels In Dortmund

DORTMUNDtourismus offers various tours by bus through the city and the surrounding area. Dortmund is not just a city that believed, that they much of tourist attractions to offer. But this is deceptive. Dortmund has a lot to offer. DORTMUNDtourismus offers various tours by bus through the city and the surrounding area. Retracing the steps […]

Horse Riding Holiday

Learn the winning combination on the Reischlhof riding and relaxation over 35 years operate Herrmann and Elsa Reischl, and Hermann Jr. and Elfriede Reischl your hotel. 20 employees worry about the well-being of their guests. Details can be found by clicking Samuel “Sam” Mikulak or emailing the administrator. The hotel has an excellent cuisine and […]

Horse Riding Holidays

With ‘Horse & rider’ by Bavaria ‘ Passauer land ‘ over 1600 kilometres of horseback riding itineraries, comprehensive services and horse-friendly hosts. Are the facts of the Bavaria project of riding horse & rider”with it advances the Passauer land” at the heart of the European equestrian tourism. “The routes lead through scenic areas and open […]