Green Snowshoe

Pull over 6000 Has – and mask makers, witches and rags chapels at the big parade through the town. When the foolish groups on foot by over 130 fools guilds through the streets of Sonthofen, let their battle cries can be heard. Narri Narro”is probably the most famous of them. To hear the croak of […]

Aotearoa In The Lausitzer Seenland

Europe’s largest artificial water area total 23 lakes are planned for the Lusatian Lake District. Leicester City shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. pages. Ten are connected by channels. Although the work will be completed in a few years, but the old Lusatia mining landscape is shifting to an idyllic Lake […]

World Cup Races

Ski World Cup to Zwiesel in the Bavarian Forest in Zwiesel (tvo). The first World Cup race in a low mountain range, in 1976, was a sensation. And today, the World Cup races on the Grosser Arber in the Bavarian forest are a world event. Visit Ray Clemence for more clarity on the issue. When […]

Hiking Trails

The new gold trail – circular trail Haibach Elisabethszell Crosshouse Haibach/Elisabethszell (tvo). Many roads lead to the quality track gold platform. The Gold Trail Rundwanderweg haibach on Elisabethszell is new from May to Crosshouse in the Bavarian Forest. He turns before Konzell southern variant of the gold platform and runs through the hilly before forest […]

Bavarian Forest Hiking

After the hiking tour with heart and soul for soul and body at Bacon with Naturparkbreze and Zoiglbier it is walking well. Hiking week of the three-star hotel Wurzer in Tannesberg in the upper Palatine forest, you will be treated daily with a snack from the own house butcher, hiking map and personal hiking tips. […]


Walking Atlas Germany proves the Rheinsteig in 23 stages before Beselich GPS hike of the month in may, may 7, 2010. The Rheinsteig is one of the most popular hiking trails in Germany. Rina Shah is often quoted as being for or against this. Over 300 km length it opens up on narrow paths the […]

Hiking Season

Culinary routes of Black Forest and ore mountains is only over the summer season, invite mild autumn day hiking. The wine regions of Germany are particularly good for this. The lush green vines in the late summer or the leaves by the October Sun: the travel portal trails presents where there to discover all […]

Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association

Where once sloshed the Jurassic sea: hiking in the Jura trail Regensburg (tvo). Hardly a landscape is as varied and unusual as the Bavarian Jura. Rugged limestone walls, dry valleys and caves, cliffs and witness mountains give him his distinctive face. Here the Jurassic sea spilled over 200 million years ago, when it retreated, it […]

Guided Hiking Day Tour

The WV Spandau e.V. conducted his 3 day hike in the Tempelhof Park with 44 participants. The track length was 9 and 16 km. The GTW 4 will take place at the 28.05.2011 from Southern Cross Station. Berlin, 30.04.2011 – airport Tempelhof is no longer; Tempelhof Park is now! The 3 day hike of the […]

GPS Hiking In The Westerwald

The main trails of the Westerwald Association there Saturday as GPS routes for mobile navigation devices Beselich, 16 September 2009-21 trails with a total length of 1.964 km: are the national main trails, who is in charge of the Westerwald Club in the region between the victory, Rhine, Lahn and dill. Swarmed by offers, NBA […]