Tai Chi December 23, 2013 at 8:36 am

The ability of the body self-healing and self-regeneration is one of the potential that nature gives us from birth and that if we can understand, we can use it for our benefit. Our body is capable of generating a lot of self-healing substances, directors, regulatory, corrective, etc. A clear example would be the hormones, are substances responsible for regulating the functioning of human organs, and therefore achieve the perfect balance in our bodies; a endorphins, substances produced by the human body to relieve pain, and levels of serotonin, whose decline is related to emotional disorders such as depression, one could say that serotonin is the “hormone of pleasure or humor” because it exerts a great influence on the system psiconervioso, etc. Could continue listing an endless number of substances secreted by our body as self defense and healing arsenal. Simply relax a voluntary fund and consciously directing our attention to the breath calm, giving orders to our mind: my bloodstream watering all over my body, my nervous system is calm and quiet, my mind relaxes each Again, this tranquil and calm, my muscles are loosened, they are totally relaxed any medical professional knows that the simple exercise these influenciasa fact in our mind through our desire to satisfy themselves that now, feel the need and motivation, and because a clear effect: the parasympathetic system is launched in response, from that moment a state dominated vagal muscarinic within the autonomic nervous system are balanced, the sympathetic and parasympathetic, all this natural phenomenon of our body that will give us an exquisite relaxation, at the same time is a series secreting substances that give us pleasure and protection, occurs that have that capacity, we understand and obey our mind, that’s part of Qi Gong and psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, etc. well aware of the purpose mentioned. a In my opinion, at first the chemical does not cure anything, because it acts on the source of the problem, put another way, does not correct the biological terrain in which each patient creates and develops its pathology.

Only acts on the disease and injury and soothing the symptom. What are the advantages natural therapies on drugs? Undoubtedly, modern scientific medical science have spent all their effort and sacrifice, to create a manual to teach us the functioning of human beings, we explain the genetics, pathology, the analytical, radiological techniques, electronic , statistics and exploratory, yet with all their effort and sacrifice for humanity, are not able to explain the intricacies personal biological, by which a disease is, therefore, pharmacological chemistry can only influence the injury. So Natural Medicines are important because they understand that our body if you know the ins and outs where the disease is and has the keys to healing. The means to get the proper help that our body needs are endless: from a simple massage to a program of training with Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, a feeding study, help with herbal medicine, just laugh, especially happiness and love. There are many natural therapies applied by professionals that are directed to stimulate certain areas of the body for self-healing response, such as Facioterapia, Acupuncture, Auriculomedicina, Reflexology or various parts of the body.

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