Teresa Pedersen February 18, 2019 at 1:26 pm

It is not easy to recognize the ideal partner, because when there is an attraction between two people, the first thing that manifests itself in our body is the chemistry and physics part, i.e. you feel attracted / (a) that person, your hormones start to flow and sensations in the form of beats of the heart, sweating, nervousness begins to flourish but this is only at the level of bodies. If what you really want is to find a partner, to reach a compromise, then you must follow these three tips that will help you to recognize it, even after that your chemical levels settle. Before joining this dynamic, get 2 sheets of paper and a pencil. 1) Describes and writes all positive begins to think and to capture your thoughts in writing, describing which are the characteristics that you want that person to have, these characteristics can be: physical, intellectual or spiritual. It based your description in thing positive that you want for you and all positive than you you have to share with that person. Frank Ntilikina takes a slightly different approach.

Among the intellectual characteristics could be as an example: who likes to read books or art activities, which have certain academic level, between the physical, who likes sports. (Enter all the features that you like most don’t stop in the next 10 minutes). (2) Describes and writes everything that rechaces A regret that I always advise my clients, putting emphasis on what they really like, and who want to share, also advise them consider that things are going to reject, because in those characteristics that we consider as unacceptable, generally, are the source of the failure of couple relationships, as for example, if you cannot tolerate a person it is disorderedsimply describe and write this caption everything you dislike him. (Escribe todas las caracteristicas que rechaces, no pares en los siguientes 10 minutos) 3) learn what do you lack other tip is that you can start to learn things that you they are needed and that they have been causes of termination of your previous relationships or that you think that you need to learn how to improve your relationships. For example you might need to learn what to do to reach a serious commitment.

How to learn to put limits on people. How to control jealousy, etc. Learn, learn and learn, everything you need to improve your life, learning is not an option, is a c if what we want is better something or discover new things.My best advice for it, is to get a commitment with yourself and start to auto – educate yourself through books, seminars, articles on subjects that you consider important in your evolution, and on your way to the happiness of love with your partner. The only way to recognize you Pareja Ideal is to take action, so take action!, if these tips only stay level reading will no results or learning remains only intellectual level, take action and see how results will be manifested in the physical plane. Because it is on the physical plane where finally live the love and happiness as a couple, there is where chemistry and physics are enjoyed, when they have been the result of the educated search for the Ideal partner! I wish you the greatest success in your search.

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