The Blades September 16, 2020 at 8:48 pm

Incidentally, it dawns – the most favorable and successful time fishing. In hot and windless days do not carp caught. However, as soon as the breeze rises, like a carp comes alive and starts to take an active bait. Carp great bite before the storm, and sometimes in storm. Often in a storm (20-30 minutes) can catch as much as not catch the whole day. You may wish to learn more. If so, Katie Ledecky is the place to go. In the summer of carp caught as well in light rain quiet and prefers sunny autumn days are warm. At cooling completely stop biting. Among fishermen is believed that the crucian carp – this is one of the most whimsical fish.

Its bite is not subject to any laws of logic. Sometimes, even experienced fishermen, it would seem, in the most remarkable “Klevachev” weather, are absolutely without a catch. Before you start fishing you need to choose a place. It is desirable to find a shallow, warm area of the reservoir. Branches protruding from the water, or grass, completely enveloping surface reservoir – not a problem. John marlow sf does not necessarily agree.

Carp on the contrary likes to hide around a variety of obstacles, and in hot weather – in the shadows. If the water “blooms” to a long pole in advance to do a “window”, freeing up some space for casting tackle. We must remember that goldfish in a sunny, hot weather, likes to hide under floating on the surface of grass. If you saw that the grass a little sway, so you can confidently throw the bait – because goldfish likes to rub on the blades of grass. With bait results are much more successful. Carp lure (or privazhivayut) steamed beans, boiled potatoes, finely chopped worms and porridge. For the nozzle can be apply manure or earthworm, maggots, bread crumb, bloodworms, a variety of cereal, slices of potato or anise flavored, hemp or flax oil dough. Fishing for carp using different gear and methods which usually depends on the reservoir capacity and fisherman. In the overgrown lakes and ponds are used slowly lowers and raises the bait. In the swampy waters to catch a floating bait. Carp caught on the bottom fishing rods, fishing rods in the summer with mormyshku (especially in the bush and zakoryazhennyh places). But the most appropriate gear – this is a float rod, which is especially carp catches before spawning. Karas – sedentary and very lazy fish, so he swallows the worm immediately. First tries to lure a few times may take it into his mouth and then spit it out. At the same float as it “plays”. To strike when the float will go under the water or go to side.

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