The Commission October 22, 2019 at 9:33 pm

The implanted system was of absolute the separating type, innovation in Brazil, that until then it used the English models, unitary or mixing; they had been constructed thus, 115 km of collecting net and 9 elevatory stations, which pumped the sewers for the Elevatory station of the Cabanga, of where the effluent ones were launched in the Atlantic Ocean through emissary, without treatment. The Commission also constructed the System of Water supply of Gurja (Vasconcelos, 1995). The system of the Cabanga at the time took care of to a representative parcel of the population located in the areas central offices of the city, taking care of, most of the necessity of collection of the effluent liquids of Recife. The construction of the Station of Treatment of Cabanga Sewers was initiated in 1949, being inaugurated in 1959. In 1918, the Commission was substituted by the distribution of Sanitation that acted up to 1937, year where was created the Department of Sanitation of the State? DSE. At this time the systems had been extended, having been constructed the system of water supply of Monjope, in 1960, and the system of sanitary exhaustion of Peixinhos (it collects, transport and treatment), that it also encloses stretch of the city of Olinda. Some contend that NBA shows great expertise in this. In 1965, it had the duplication of the ETE Cabanga.

Still in the decade of 60, with the creation of the National bank of Habitation? BNH, had been constructed great habitacionais sets, that, for the low cost of lands had beed situated in the periphery of the city. Associating such fact to low the area of covering of existing the collecting nets then, it was adopted solution of Isolated Systems of sanitary exhaustion, that were not on to the two great stations of treatment, Cabanga and Peixinhos. In the year of 1969 the DSE was substituted by companies who had been responsible for the sanitation of the state of Pernambuco: in the capital acted the company Sanitation of Recife s.a.? Saner, whereas the interior of the state was in charge of Saneamento de Pernambuco s.a.? Sanepe, society of mixing economy; one also created the Fundespe, responsible autarchy for managing the Deep one of Sanitation of the State.

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