The Dialogue July 29, 2022 at 3:11 pm

Its question is with ‘ ‘ name-do-pai’ ‘ strict, that is, suspension of the flica function, or ininiscrio of the being it? It is not very clearly, for me, that I am not psychoanalytic, and already I read the Great one has some time, of the radical distinction of said structure ‘ ‘ psictica’ ‘ for ‘ ‘ autista’ ‘. Foracluso or inexistence? It eliminated it total to the autista? Or simply was not effected clivagem none? F: ‘ ‘ I reasonable apprehended well the psychotic macrostructure and its microestruturaes. Indeed it escapes what me is the radical distinction between the psychosis and the autismo. If the psychotic one passes for a process to put of is the significant name-do-father, in a suspension of the flica function where the Real floods the imaginary one and if it loses the severity this distinction at some moments and relations, in the autista seems simply not to have, not to have symbolic, or alone to have Real: for where ‘ goes; ‘ desejo’ ‘ psychotic, what I assume – therefore it is there for that if foraclui, not? In this in case that it is not access to the Real that the psychotic one does not have: it has nobody it, perhaps only it has it to the autista, or not, since it seems not to have dialectic. In psychotic this Real it invades the imaginary one and where it empoa becomes indistinct. In the psychotic one what it fails is the beginning of reality, assured for the name-do-father who was foracludo and if it equaled to that one: ‘ ‘ desejo’ ‘ of the psychotic one if it loses in it I occasion pq exactly is rank there where (not) it would have to be, in the Real, it Realiza..

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