The Equipment May 21, 2019 at 6:56 pm

At some time, the day will arrive to us in which we have committed a serious error, but, in spite of the shame that we pruned to feel, we do not have to flee from the responsibility nor to put to us aggressive or defensive when another they do an observation on the matter to us; our goal will have to be, then, to try to repair the damage of the possible worthiest form. Many people think that to recognize an error she can be a weakness signal and that, in addition, can represent the possibility of losing the respect on the part of the dear beings It is not thus! Definitively, admitting that we were mistaken deserves the esteem and the esteem to us of them, especially if they see us deliver the attack to surpass it and not to repeat it. To assume our errors allows us to grow and to mature internamente. In addition, all the mistakes are an opportunity to learn something new about we ourself, of the others and the life. There are two ways simple to learn and to mature: we do by error and success, recognizing and assuming the consequences that are generated of our elections. If you have children, the next time that one of them commits an error pdele that assumes its responsibility without pressing it or immediately punishing it by the committed mistake. In its place, explcale the possible consequences and invtale so that it participates in the process to find the solution and means so that it does not return to happen. We think, frequently, that the errors are a failure, but, in fact, we can see them like a valuable tool that it allows us to learn, to grow, to make changes and to surpass the limitations. The Equipment of PsicoAyuda original Author and source of the article

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