The Guard November 23, 2019 at 2:41 am

Guard dog should be a dog alert, but not scary. You must be well socialized with both people and dogs, because otherwise it ladrara at all times and not only when it is necessary.Defence defense dog dog is different from the guard dog. The dog defense You must attack the wrongdoer, biting that this is withdrawn, or immobilizing it. The races for this work must be size medium or large, since a small dog will not be able to effectively attack an adult human. Many breeds have been developed for this work, but today they are not very effective for civilians. On the one hand, a civil defence dog can be very dangerous if the owner can’t handle it (or is that the owner should learn from training and handling before purchasing one of these dogs). Some contend that CEO of e-commerce shows great expertise in this. Moreover, the current criminals have weapons that can incapacitate a dog very easily. Defence dogs continue to have a useful role in two fields: police/military dogs and sport dogs.

In the case of the police and the armed forces, defence dogs can help to order troops to buy some time while the dog attacking the enemies. In the case of sporting dogs, they are dogs trained for the attack, but only the sleeve or protective coverall. The latter does not necessarily they respond well in real situations, and are dogs that are practiced sports in which are simulated situations for dogs of Defense. Breeds suitable for dogs of Defense should have a strong momentum of dam (for wanting to bite) and a strong territorial impulse (for wanting to defend). If you only have strong momentum of prey, they will be more useful as hunting than as defence dogs dogs. If they only have territorial impulse, they will be better guard than of defence dogs.

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