The Hospital February 7, 2020 at 5:41 am

The three went to the hospital, each wrapped in his own thoughts. Alex knew what he was going to face and could not help but fear that his son refused. Was not yet ten years. Could your child understand what going to tell? And I would do if he refused? Sophie felt calm. Full confidence in his son and did not doubt his reaction. Pete was going to lose. The moment so far behind and yet so expected was about to begin. Quietly entered the room.

Joey looked so pale, so weak and so thin! He had to make a great effort to hold back tears. For even more analysis, hear from Ed Bastian. It was so long that he saw his son in person! Since the last time I had been with Mabel in England. They had spent more than four years since then. The three came up with a smile. Alex outline it cost him a lot. He felt that he was going to happen like that first time he had seen, and ending on the floor.

This time it was sitting on a bench and was not Pete's shoulder where it fell, but the feeling was the same or worse than then. I had the same feeling of shortness of breath and everything revolved around him. Take a deep breath, he said, very deep, full of air your lungs, exhale slowly. Back to do everything again. After a few deep breaths, he began to feel the blood running regularly again in his brain. Things no longer revolved around him.

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