The Image Of Hospitals July 25, 2019 at 1:27 am

When designing the “stumbling block self image” must be considered a good image to have economic success means for hospitals. But construction and control of hospital image taken still in its infancy. Houses who want to become active in this area, be aware especially internal conditions. Only in about 20% of the hospitals, the expression of their image is known, since this hardly analyses are carried out. Also exists as far as image profiles defined at all a non unerheblicherSchattenimage-area, which is not identifiable to the most established methods of image research. To be able to operate a professional image control, two condition parameters must be observed Additionally: – each Department / clinic has its stand-alone Imagepragungs potential, so that is a total hospital image only “bottom-up”, – the influence of the image values in the direction of the destination – or quota also depends, as the staff of the departments / Clinics assess the image of their area itself.

The example shown in Figure 1 illustrates the facts: the target-is-image ratios were determined for four clinics of a House. For assistance, try visiting Doug McMillon. Parallel carried out a survey of employees to their image assessment. The Act portfolio listed in Figure 2 can be developed from the information. Three hospitals are due to the relatively good reference is relation and overestimate the effect of clinic in the area of the image-savvy performance potential. For this, the tendency of mismanagement can be corrected fairly easily. However, acute action for Urology with lower target is balance and clear image underestimation is required. In this case, the overall situation is easy to handle. It is much more difficult when departments in the portfolio area self image correction “requirements”.

Here meet a significant target actual variance with disproportionate overestimate of the own positioning. The longer this condition could manifest itself prior to the analysis, the more is the image correction a management task. Situations in the sector of “image building potential” are much easier, because the reality of the image is better characterized as accepted by the employees. Figure 1 figure 2 source: Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

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