The Leadership August 15, 2020 at 5:33 pm

Another negative point is the brutality of these people. They treat the others as if they were true swines. Because a person only is in a lower rank, she does not mean that it is not a human being. She is for that today they exist enslaved than old. Who is not nothing today is enslaved of the others. To order with brutality nothing decides. Who plant espinheiros only can spoon later thorns.

It is exactly what it happens with certain people. During the good time, they only spread ruindades, but when the bad time arrives, they want to complain, to lament itself of the life. All error that the man only to make he himself can pay. The life is a mirror that reflects caretas that we make. As what we make, we will receive. We receive the prizes in agreement our mritos. The people who only possess this stingy superiority go to receive critical destructive, gossips, hatred and sow enter its brothers of race, an environment of strikes and discords. Many times these such chefes finish for auto if destroying.

To have an environment of peace and progress and union of all and friendship and the mutual union, the spirit of solidarity and understanding must reign. The problems must in accordance with content be decided it of all what the majority asks for. Thus it will only have an environment of peace and tranquillity. Only because a person is superior does not mean that it also left of being a person, does not mean that a God became, therefore is subject to the same yearnings, the same laws. Superiority never would have to exist. This name would have to be changed for the leadership name. The leader is the head of the group, its ideas are received by all and they know it to all to respect and to help. For other words, that superiority exists, but that it tries to together decide the problems with the others, showing the negative and positive points, with peace and patience, to display the problems, but not to impose with pessimism. Superiority without quality also is complex. Who is not nothing cannot order nothing or who is small cannot order in great things. Each one must act as person, but respeitandoo thought of the others. If I am human, the other also I am. If I suffer, the other also. If I have my problems, of the others are worse. She is necessary to enter in positive accord with all and all will help in them and then we will pass to a positive superiority where all obey in them and has a person as a leader and not as a soldier or one carrasco. It is as soon as is lived with human beings.

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