The Patient August 3, 2020 at 9:02 am

(ROLIM; CARDOSO, 2006) .IC: AssistnciDSC: ' ' The humanizao speaks higher, that is to treat the patient as you would like to be treated. People do not obtain to see the patient as plus a patient because of the humanizao question n, in the reality is one drinks that you, more at the same time you cannot there leave to give no care that goes to cause pain that goes to cause suffering because people know that she is for the good of the patient. Read additional details here: olympics. If people not to place this part of humanizao turn a thing mechanics and pra to work in the neo UTI cannot have mechanics, because if you will have will be mechanist excessively and use only the technique alone, the service already made, soon and finished you does not supply to quality of life its pro paciente.' ' The nurse offers to the patient the possible humanizada assistance more, thinking about offering this, quality of life. The humanizado environment is that one that sensetizes and involves the people, searching a harmony relation, in which the professional nurse and the RN can interact together in the search of well-being. Sports apparel contains valuable tech resources. The baby must itself be understood in such a way to evaluate and to adjust procedures related to the care, starting to observe the expressions of the RN being a form of humanizado care (ROLIM; CARDOSO, 2006) IC: SentimentoDSC: ' ' My feeling is good, the fact of you to see a baby prematurinho n goes pro breathing, from there one days it leaves the respirator starts to have contact with the mother is very pleasant. It is mother feeling, I I had thus that affection with the babies because I imagined thus, ah the mother of it not you here n, then now it is my moment to help, until catching a baby in the col is to give a bit of affection.

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