The Recognition January 31, 2014 at 10:12 pm

A boy can fear to the dogs after being bitten by one. When they begin to go to the school, they are subject to preoccupations such as academic and social pressures, and to other anxieties that appear as a result of developing an independent sense of one same one. anxieties such as these are normal and are due to solve in a certain term. Diagnosis of anxiety of the boy The recognition of you disorder of anxiety of the boy can be difficult since the symptoms of the anxiety in children are often different from which we observed in adults. On the other hand, the children of diverse ages and temperaments can exhibit diverse symptoms. Here they are some samples and indicating symptoms of the anxiety of the boy: * To wet the bed * Nightmares or terrors at night * To avoid certain activities (such as social school or events) * To shout and rabietas easily * Frequent sensations of panic and fear that interrupt activities * Constant preoccupation of the future events * Difficulty in making friendly and extreme timidity * Under pride and deficiency of confidence * Fear of verguenza * Fear to incur mistakes * Obligatory behaviors (such as to watch underneath the bed or in the closet before the hour to lie down) * Extreme resistance to any change * Physical symptoms appellants, such as stomach ache or headache, without one cause evident What causes anxiety of the boy? * The separation anxiety is very normal in young children and it collapses generally with the age. Doing in front of the separation of familiar people, his boy can send rabietas, reject to go to the school or make insistent tearful or manipulating.

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