The Risk February 16, 2021 at 1:48 pm

The industry has therefore durable models. Special sports, Imperial, spun – or links bar are fine for younger children suitable. You run around around the whole ear, almost up to the ear lobe, are soft and give a good grip the glasses. A plastic hose is moved around the elastic end of metal bracket; to protect against allergies and pressure points. A part of the children’s versions are covered also the strap hinges with plastic caps. It is a purely precautionary measure, which reduces the risk of injury.

Where lies the glasses on the nose, it needs to provide a large contact surface. The glasses slip not more difficult – especially for smaller children, who have still not pronounced nasal bridge and the weight of the glasses is more evenly. Therefore so-called saddle or loop bars made of skin-friendly plastic are widely used especially in glasses for smaller children. Models for older children there usually two page webs. You can easily adapt the individual nose shape. Here, too, it is advisable to take such of soft silicone material. So-called gel pads are quite new to the optometrist.

Through their gel insole soft sit on the nose. In addition, they are very non-slip and take into account the most ergonomic characteristics because they can adapt to the shape of the nose. Titanium versions recommended for allergy sufferers for the Group of nickel allergy children versions made of pure titanium, that are so marked. It is a light metal, which is characterized by an excellent skin tolerance. Additional antiallergic coatings of the version offered for Hyper-allergic children. Also nose pads made of titanium, ceramic, glass or buffalo horn can be recommended. They should be used then, if the children’s skin responds also to plastics. A good children’s eyewear helps the child to get to know the school better find. But not only there. A further point which speaks for optimal appearance, is now very active participation in road transport. Finally, the school also poses threats. Good vision is essential here. Even when riding a bike. Sooner or later even the little ones come with their own bicycles to the school. Usually thought of striking and functional clothing and head protection. Unfortunately still too rare but on a pair of glasses with non-breakable glasses.

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