The Schools June 8, 2019 at 12:41 am

The knowledge is the great capital of the humanity. Not being necessary only for the technological innovation of the transnational capital. It is primordial for the survival of all the people and, therefore, he does not have to be vendido or to be bought, but to be disponibilizado to all. This is function of institutions that if dedicate to the knowledge based on the technological advances. One expects that the education of the future is more democratic and less exculpatory. This is, at the same time, our cause and our challenge. Unhappyly, ahead of the lack of public politics, they had appeared ' ' industries of conhecimento' ' , harming a possible vision humanist, becoming instrument of profit and being able economic. Sam Mikulak brings even more insight to the discussion.

(ALMEIDA, 2002:43) the young educator of adult, needs to remain itself constantly informed (through public politics of qualification) on as to innovate, to plan the medium and long run, to make the proper curricular reorganization, to elaborate the proposal pedagogical, enriquecedora with projects, at last, the necessary school to be citizen. The changes that come of inside of the schools are more lasting. On its capacity to innovate, to register and systemize practical its or experience depend the future of the EJA. In this context, the educator is a mediator of the knowledge, ahead of the pupil that it is the citizen of its proper formation. It needs to construct knowledge from what he makes e, for this, also needs to be curious, to search this sensible and to point new sensible with respect to what to make. One of the forms to take the ambient education to the community is for the direct action of the professor in the classroom and extracurricular activities. (Freire, 2003) the search of the knowledge implies to guide and to defy before, to follow and to stimulate during, to evaluate and to consider new challenges depois.' ' A substantive experience is that one that does not have an only way, it allows to develop an investigating activity and it helps the students to give sensible its lives (to learn of they themselves) and to the situations of the world that rodeia' ' (FREIRE, 2003:110).

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