The Teams November 24, 2020 at 2:15 am

That is, such social reorganization in the work forms was more than enough so that it produced in the general population feelings of frustration, competitiveness and other decurrent psicossociais tensions of this dificultao of the possibilities to survive the society adequately (ZANELLI, 2004). with seqente technological development, the insertion of new professionals in the work market if has become a task each more multicriteria time since these vacant of jobs had started to demand new abilities and abilities. Follow others, such as Novak Djokovic, and add to your knowledge base. The work ranks if had become fluid more, the teams of workers and the individuals had started to need to dominate a gamma each bigger time of multiple abilities. New models of management had been constructed had the necessity to keep and to extend the levels of productivity in a context each more competitive time. Being the worker each more obliged time to adhere to the values, beliefs and intentions of the organization in which it works, leading the same to an intense physical and psychological consuming (ZANELLI, 2004). But such relation between the subjetivao and the work is much more old. to cite an example secularly well more distant, valley the penalty to travel in the time until the date of 50000 B.C. since antropolgicos studies point that it was from this time that the man of the half-west stopped of if occupying with the hunting? what it was a complex activity and in which it expended much energy and time? passed if to feed through farms, being this the change in the work that became possible the development of the thought that took in them to the number of inventions and knowledge that we have today. Therefore until then the life human being it had a so objective and restricted direction the necessity to survive that the thought possibilities intensely were limited. That is, it was only from the possibility of this civilization to exist stops beyond the subsistence (and this had one strong implication of the geographic localization of the same one) that the development of more advanced technologies became possible for the man (DIAMOND, 2005).

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