The Waterfall July 19, 2020 at 8:43 am

In the middle of the flower spikes are, where even nasty carrion odor from escaping. During the jungle trekking we encounter as a motley crew leeches that suck himself firmly on the sneakers and try to get there to suck blood into the socks. Also a hairy caterpillar stretches forward on a fallen tree trunk curious about us. The goal of the short walk some meters can be heard previously. A loud noise is heard in the ears and all are excited to see the waterfall will be how much, which can already be heard. It is after a short cooling down at the small waterfall on the offroad truck back up and this time for a couple even on the perches on the roof of the driver’s cab.

Partly this is occupied by 2 persons and the view from up there is simply indescribable. Sometimes the two in the high seat must retract their head to see branches hanging from trees to fit through. An experience that will remain in memory with security. The three-hour off-road drive through the wild jungle draws to a close and a tasty Thai lunch will be served in a restaurant overlooking Lake and rice fields. The second great fun factor of the day is a canoe trip through the typical landscape of southern Thailand. Two and with bright orange Fitted life jackets, we climb the canoes highly motivated. Each male participant is allocated a paddles per canoe. Because it’s needed some muscle strength! The canoe trip passes wild sprawling green shores, where many locals are located.

“Children who frolic in the water, and enjoy again and again, when they called Farangs” see. With wide-eyed large thick water buffaloes look puzzled and white seabirds over fly over our heads. The brave of group trust is even with a canoe among the trees that in the river intrusions to water snakes looking for, gleefully holding their afternoon nap. Look! Look! A snake! “, shouts a Swedish lady excitedly. Actually she has seen one of the water snakes in the trees with her partner. After the approximately two-hour canoe trip and the many great impressions of the breathtaking time is shortly to resting on the shore and the wonderful day Revue happen to leave. Action, fun and nature were on that day in every case in the focus! Posted by: Samara grains for more information about the trip here: khao lak-offroad jeep-safari-de /.

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