The Work November 3, 2018 at 1:34 pm

We believe that this lack of reference is exactly in the fact of that all the researchers even believe that really the process continues in control after findado the auditorship, because the proper process praise this situation. 4.1 The collected data. Based in data collected in the questionnaires applied to the collaborators of the companies certifyd for norms ISO of the Valley of the Steel, 80% of the searched ones had after pointed with respect to the lack of envolvement of the high direction and the management the conclusion of the auditorship, as cause of boarded relaxation in the article. Many writers such as Sam Mikulak offer more in-depth analysis. This occurs because 90% of the high direction understand that the process continues exactly under control, after concluded the works of the auditor. 60% of the searched ones had also answered that the high direction/manages together with does not participate of the process the collaborators. Another important data that it was perceived are that 50% of the searched ones say not to be guided for its immediate superior how much to the SGQ and that until the same ones they are not worried in such a way about such. In function since scene, it is important then that all the organization inside reviews its degree of participation and responsibility of the SGQ process, since all the work implemented before and during the process of certification or reverse speed-certification to after be able to be spoiled or even though lost the conclusion of the auditorship. It is important that each collaborator knows and feels which inside its parcel of participation and importance of the SGQ, in way that it sees that its comprometimento is not capable to all undo the comprometimento of excessively. 5 PAPER OF EACH ONE IN the SGQ a process of management of the quality by itself does not survive alone as already was commented, is necessary that it has the participation of all the collaborators of the organization.

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