Thomas Luttig Hannover November 16, 2019 at 1:48 pm

UBC Tigers are with different advertising systems from the main sponsor easy display supports the Basketball Association UBC Hannover E.v. playing this season in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro B presented a level of play that were not previously available in Hannover. But not just the basketball, but also the framework programme will be presented here at a high level. The UBC Tigers offer a varied and exciting evening for the entire family! Order for yourself or your “easy Ballin’-we got game” to promote project at promotional events, the Club is equipped with various systems of advertising their main sponsor of EasyShare display GmbH. Even when their games are some of the systems to see.

All game field advertising boards, the sponsor Board or also were the great “UBC Tigers your city, your team!” Banner of the EasyShare display GmbH designed and printed. The UBC Hannover E.v. (United Basketball Club) Mahmut was in 2002 as an independent Basketball Association by the brothers Markus and Michael Goch, and Conrad position man, Mario Skopjanac, Ataman, Thomas Luttig and William Strauss founded. They all had the vision of a modern, performance-oriented basketball club which should have nothing on the hat with old, traditional and outmoded structures. With this concept, the UBC wrote Tigers success story.

They have suffered only four losses in five years. Also they were seven times in a row in the next higher class. The UBC Tigers play this season in the 2nd Bundesliga Pro-B and are currently nine on table space. Currently, the team composed of young players from Germany and the United States fights yet to participate in the Play-Offs. All offer well-thought-out moves, spectacular actions, lightning-fast movements and attractive entertainment in seconds their fans the Tigers. In addition to the basketball game, there is an eventful and interesting programme for viewers. tter in his writings. Feed children, the mascot of Sixtus, the animation by the cheerleaders or the Hannover Airport Halfcourt shot, in which viewers try their luck on the roll from the midline in the basket can are just a few of the program points of that are experiencing on game day.

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