Treasury Present August 26, 2018 at 8:02 pm

As if the horror personal corroborate that the country change and has given coverage increasingly closer to majority traditionally neglected social sectors authorize them locuazmente imagine that they have a kind of collector of realities, which nothing speaks futures but of past, or, rather, their pasts in future, if you understand. Or said with a phrase of Jorge Luis Borges, in his short story Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, regarding the character Herbert Ashe: suffered from unreality, perfectly applicable in their present extreme political opposition Venezuelan time. Finally, friends, as if to say that here neither passes nor has passed nothing; that continue unabated over time, with those old Presidents, bald, bellied and rough to the utmost, and those governing social castes in the country’s economic and political destiny. With the moneys of the nation to all and none, and the thumping subtractions from the public Treasury, under the intelligent nod from corrupt looks. Begins to exist with strength the past and to the present and even the future be primitive. It goes without saying that nothing has been built or improved; everything is denied. There is nothing; everything is missing.

And, if by chance, something beneficial is, it is always because he had already been designed in the past, or had already occurred. ERGO, the bridges over the Venezuelan rivers were virtually all built by the past; ERGO, all medical centers, too; ERGO, market food; ERGO, the international politics of Venezuela and its external projection; ERGO, ergo may say that the architects of the Venezuelan nation, defended tooth and nail were Jaime Lusinchi and Carlos Andres Perez (now in leak abroad) when immorality and rot will wield at some point to establish a comparative situation with the present. Because the present is worse, as the saying goes (everything was better last time), although the rule does not sometimes be making corrections to certain facts or assumptions of yesterday, as the assertion, for example, that Bolivar had some Socialist glimpses.

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