United States Infrastructure May 20, 2020 at 8:41 am

Since some freezing of prices, hiperinflao, crises of debt, program of sustentation of the control of prices implanted in the one with the Real Plan and many other situations for which our economy passed they had made impracticable a more substantial level of investments in the infrastructure areas. Thing that was done in the decade of 1970 when the tax of investments in this area turned around 10% of the GIP. In the truth, the Brazilian state with dficits nominal considerable, paying high interests very, in 1999, for example, arrived 45% at the year, and with several other problems of budgetary order had few resources to invest and the private sector did not have significant participation. One of the basic sectors between the ones of infrastructure is of transports. In this area, the investments are also very low, around 0,50% of the GIP. To the step that countries as China and Thailand, for examples, are in 4%. Beyond very being reduced, the investments in transports are concentrated in the road transport.

For this they are directed around 70% of the investments in transports, while for the railroad worker are destined around 20%. This is one of the reasons of the high costs of logistic in Brazil, visa that the transport for railroad is much more cheap of what the transport for highways. Countries as the United States use an inverse relation. In that country 43% of the transport it is carried through by means of railroads whereas for the highways are carried about 30%. Many times if question why Brazil does not obtain to grow in the same tax that China grows.

One of the answers is in the infrastructure lack. If to grow more, beyond not terms hand of qualified workmanship for some sectors, in the lack infrastructure enough to take care of the demand of logistic, energy and communication. Although to have energy lack sufficiently, the existing energy can not be enough to support a tax of growth of the GIP of 10% to the year, for example, but most deficient it is the transport sector. This sector must be dealt with priority, notadamente the railroad worker. Our economy is begging that if it heavily invests in energy and transports. To construct to plant tarred hydroelectric plants, railroads, highways, bridges, viaducts, meter and other types of infrastructure Brazil with a very better profile of the existing one is essential for terms until the moment.

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