Veterinary Institute April 6, 2020 at 2:48 pm

Nicknamed Killer. I do not like big names and nicknames. Somehow, it seems that the loud name hides a bubble that is really stupid, cowardly, and nothing is not represented. And this time he heard from friends that she had have a Doberman named Killer, I've already submitted in advance that this is a spoiled woman's upbringing did not manifesting themselves a good dog. Feebly expressed the desire to introduce our dogs (I had a girl-boxer) and we parted, each in their own affairs and concerns.

Once at the next outing saw his acquaintance with her dog and stopped in surprise, such a beauty I have never seen, and to this day to be honest, did not have to see. This was reference of this dog can be for experts (and according to my rather envious), he would have been overgrown, but believe me if I was, then, without detriment to its beauty. Thick bones, he was easy to keep up with the beautiful and powerful chest (it only in my memory that a Doberman who could easily compete with the Caucasian sheep-dog and a pit bull), and the same powerful and beautiful head. His eyes were lively and clever, as befits a healthy physical and mental well- well-groomed dog. Add to that a good education and excellent contact with the hostess. I like a rabid dog breeder, do not miss the opportunity to once again communicate with fellow hobby and whether in transport or when walking on foot, always draw attention to the dogs. I confess, to see these beauties live did not have, unfortunately, on the contrary there are more tonkokostnye skinny and very nervous Dobermans, which are very prone to bite you, not out desire to protect his master or mistress of the house there, if they bite you, it was only out of fear, but fear they are all in a row, and children and adults, and passing cars.

So, what is usually at the sight of these instances I try to keep them away, so God forbid careless movement does not scare them. The killer, who has for his dog's shoulders, a full course of pcl (protective guard duty) and skillful training received from his mistress (who also graduated from Veterinary Institute) walked the streets a bit gloomy gait, swinging his powerful head, without a leash and a muzzle. And never, he is not scared of any child who could jump out of the gate behind the ball and not a drunk but harmless a man who could meet with him and his mistress in a dark alley at night. This dog was adequate in all situations. Only once he attacked three thugs who took over his boss, trust me, they did not seem enough. I always met and escorted the dog respectful look, and how difficult it was to me, after communicating with such a noble dog back to their damaged city and confused their natural instincts of a dog. Who had the dog soft type, which are incapable of any decisive action in extreme situations, he will understand me. Unfortunately, never got to take the puppy from the killer, but with time, I did away from my city, but now, when on the street can see how ordinary scrap going on a leash, nervously looking around, wistfully remember this Doberman – Killer.

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