Weekly Training June 8, 2020 at 5:11 pm

You do not do it: To sing victory before time. Against some preliminary results, I could that some managers feel the temptation to sing victory against the good results. Hear from experts in the field like Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for a more varied view. Although it is well celebrating the success, to declare won the war can be catastrophic. Until the changes deeply are taken root in the culture of the company, any new method is fragile and susceptible of regression. Paradoxicalally, the premature celebrations usually are orchestrated by a combination of promoters and detractors of the change. Moved by the enthusiasm created by a clear sign of progress, the promoters overflow themselves.

Then, the detractors are united to them, that always are alert to take any opportunity that allows them to stop the change. After finishing the celebration, the detractors will insist on which the victory is a sign of which the war has been won and that the troops must return to their homes. The troops, exhausted, will allow that she is convinced to them that already they have won. Once in house, the infantry will feel reluctant to return to enlist itself. Shortly after the changes will pause and the tradition will return to appropriate itself the situation little by little. Instead of to sing victory, the leaders must lean in their credibility, gained with short term successes, to still approach problems majors. In order to continue learning and he is FREE. Often we know the keys to construct what we want, but simply we did not take them to the practice and is FREE.

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