Windsurfing May 23, 2020 at 11:18 pm

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding is a mix of windsurf with ski, wakeboard and surf.Kitesurfing is a new sport that attracts athletes of various disciplines if you are new to kiteboarding or kitesurfing, and wants to find the best place to learn, you need information about where to go for your kitesurfing holidays. Many incredible destinations there are kite in the world.Some are better at different times of the year, others are excellent throughout the year.We will explore the best kite kitersurfers, points practicing surf and key tips that you need to know about each place. Let’s be realistic, this aquatic sport is rapidly growing and is a style of life. You can travel to the most exotic places for kitesurf the world, chasing the sport that you like at the same time.Many people take long vacations to improve its performance.Others find a way to live full-time or part-time – in place followers. Where is your favorite place for the? kitesurf? Where do you want to be the next visit? Plan here with the following information on the best locations around the world of kitesurfing and other important details such as where to stay, how to get there, and other exciting activities in these great destinations! There are so many kiteboarding locations to choose we could not mention them all.We hope that you have glanced some of the best places in the world that we have reviewed in which could go in your next kitesurfing vacation. Gain insight and clarity with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Blacks Beach Lagoon, Ql Australia Blue Hill, New Providence Bahamas North-East Brazil New Brunswick Canada Cozumel Mexico Wasaga Beach Ontario Santa Marianita Ecuador Turks and Caicos Caribbean Southern Calamianes Region Philippines Gaziveren Northern CyprusLago Calima – Colombia 5 sites with their respective description, would be the following: Boracay – according to Yahoo! Travel, Boracay is located in the destinations of 2007 Top 10 of the world’s best Beach.Located in the region of the Philippines, it is a unique place to practice kitesurfing.The ideal conditions for beginners, with moderate winds blowing from mid-morning until afternoon.It is without doubt a very good kitesurfing destination.

Tarifa – located in the extreme south of Spain, kitesurf in Tarifa is becoming so popular in the summer, the beach is so public that sometimes you can see sky awash in comets colors.But there’s always room for everyone on the beach.With more than 15 schools of kitesurfing in Tarifa, beginners can enjoy the full potential of the place. Cumbuco – Located in the State of Ceara, Brazil, Cumbuco is the best destination of kitesurfing in South America, with thousands of miles of deserted beaches and 6 months of good winds, very affordable place, with good self catering holiday cottage, no doubt a paradise for kite surfing. Cabarete – In the heart of the Dominican Republic Kiteboarding, Cabaret scene is the perfect blend of a natural environment that creates the wind and perfect waves for the kitesurf.With excellent places to host visitors from around the world, Cabarete can definitely be one of the best kitesurf destinations. Tenerife – Is also in Spain, the island of Tenerife, which is a paradise for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing.Excellent conditions for extreme sports and water, big waves and strong winds. After revealing these excellent destinations for kitesurfing and windsurfing, I hope that you can choose a very good one and fully enjoy!

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