Zeus Spiritual April 17, 2021 at 4:42 pm

In the physical world this principle is present in mitosis when the egg is fertilized twice the amount of its genetic material and witness our spiritual birth – physical. Everything we know and what we ignore born this way. With these examples, we the children of God called JHEOVHA assert its existence without doubt went down in eastern Africa eight million years ago, we occupied bodies with features more animal than human, we begin our spiritual embryonic stage on this planet. Spend six million years for us to start using tools. With the presence of homo habilis closes the primary cycle and start the second, the fetal cycle of our spirit, taking the first step toward civilization. Discover the divine laws which govern nature, invent language, the use of fire, the invention of the wheel, language.

We follow the same steps, we live the same steps to comply with the millions of worlds of this universe material. The official story denies the existence of earlier civilizations to our own, at the age of leo hace13 thousand years, we live our spiritual childhood, and they certainly reached the wisdom that keep the seven angels of gold in an attitude of supreme silence. The Sphinx and the pyramids are symbols of wisdom as high. Approximately 6000 years ago we entered our spiritual adolescence, this dark stage full of violence has left us with painful experiences that serve to remind us and continue our spiritual evolution. During all these years, our father sent to this planet enlightened spirits to accelerate our spiritual evolution, we will discuss here some of them in Egypt, the hot desert sands HERMES loved TRISMIGISTO In India, the Bengal tiger in his heart to keep Krishna In Greece, Zeus in the temple of worship in silence ORFEO Pythagoras Plato in the Jordan Valley palms heard the wisdom of ABRAHAM JACOB ISAIAH ELIAS MOISES JESUS.

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