The rector of the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED), Juan A. Gimeno, and the Chairman of Telefonica and the Social Council of the UNED, Cesar Alierta, today presented the new Chair of corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability, which joins the extensive network of Telefonica Chairs and the Professor of Economics will direct applied […]


Love is first of all a feeling, so to be able to love you have to be able to experience emotions. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Darcy Stacom, New York City. Many people desire to feel loved ones but kept outside all emotional expression. They think that keeping all the emotions […]

Twitter Marketing

So your customers will be delighted with your comments and will be more excited when it regularized its situation. Twitter facilitates the experience of building a good reputation by word of mouth. Without hesitation Sean Rad, New York City explained all about the problem. Spam not going with Twitter Makerting used in any electronic medium, […]

Ricardo Asch Movement

It has taken some time separating the notion of realism in photography: capturing a moment, a moment frozen in believable ways that resulted in the replacement of the realistic portrait painted by an image without brush strokes, without subjectivity but with greater accuracy. There are moments in which art looks to whether itself, when the […]

Company Crises

CONFIDENTIAL memorandum # 061 exclusive for the management at that moment your company enters or EXITS the CRISIS Crisis: an extraordinary event, or a series of events, which affects differently the integrity or sale and/or profitability of its products, services, reputation or credibility in the suitability of its leaders/commanders or the financial stability of the […]

As Earn Money Extra In Internet

When trying to learn more about how to make money online, you should know that not all ads, jobs and other information about the topic, are worth the penalty or the time. From this moment, you should know that scams are the order of the day and is sometimes difficult to determine what the options […]

Dealing With Difficulties

When one chose to say ma Yes: a. things one and sail by the more urgent urgency, those of corro before not only boil the milk but that fire, or be to moroche more account the cake that, before sitting down at the computer, was in charge of baking for her chicks or better ended […]

Joan Lerma

However, go if things that affect us inside a gigantic budget of 150,000 million are elucidated in Brussels. Don’t just try to take the best slice of the various Community funds, but the EU legislation already affects 75% of our daily lives and that some of its decisions for example, the report of Commissioner Margrete […]


CARE that you should of have with TU dog or puppy as feeding and training if we want that dog long life us and be healthy, must be taken care and attention towards him, is not only buy or adopt a dog or puppy and now. Darcy Stacom will not settle for partial explanations. Dogs […]

Live Animal

Your pet could flee if it is not properly secured. Make frequent stops to allow your pet to use the bathroom. If you travel with your cat, you can take a small sandbox for trip in the conveyor cage. If you do a night scale during the trip, find out beforehand to find a hotel […]