Hundred Years BMF

Franconian innovations in steel for the table. The BMF, cutlery and metal goods factory was founded in 1908 in Solingen, the ‘Mecca’ of the German cutlery industry. The company evolved from small beginnings out quickly and successfully to a recognised provider of classic cutlery for style-conscious consumers – particularly on the German market. After the […]


This report contains travel tips on the Algarve and Portuguese. With this Portugal trip report, we provide you a day trip to who will show you many facets of Portugal and the Algarve. You start in Faro and explore small towns and beautiful beach towns. This tour recommendation requires that they should start 8 o’clock […]

Divorce, kidnapping, poisoning – the escapades of the Denver clan out of control Hamburg, August 25, 2009 / / INPROMO / In the life of the rich, kidnappings are not uncommon. While the little Blake may be released unharmed from the hands of his kidnappers, Michael Torrance (Gordon Thomson) learns that he is the missing […]

Travel Inspirations

On the road with ‘ King Charles’ in the natural pharmacy Namibia Namibia is a barren, dry country that appear inhospitable and hostile to many visitors at first glance. It is a desert country. Add to your understanding with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Nevertheless, it exerts a fascination almost not to invalidate on the majority of […]

Travel Guide

What you need to know about the Ukraine and Ukrainians must know the Ukraine as a vacation destination not everyone can arrange the Ukraine to a visual image. We know that the Ukraine is bordered by Russia, and that there is a big difference between Russia and the Ukraine. No one knows what a difference. […]

About User Picture Frames – Photo Frames

To hang right over the right slopes from frame to frame, there are basically no rules, now wrong, or what is right. There are as many different rooms and many different ways to set this up. Large spaces are so as you found, for example, in galleries, unlike with picture frame, than is the case […]

Ehlen ALDI

“ALDI Nord uses new animal protection standards ALDI Nord uses new animal protection standards Federal Government fights, however, for chicken barons Berlin/Dusseldorf, 06.02.2009 – after virtually the entire German food retail to chose, cage and so-called small group eggs” to list, welcomes the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment now particularly the decision by ALDI […]

Supertramp Roger Hodgson

Katie Melua and ex-Supertramp Roger Hodgson on new singer / songwriter Festival special guest (in Berlin): Joe Jackson (thk) popular musician, well known songs, a unique atmosphere and primarily how venues: thus waiting for the one-day Summernight of songs “on the Festival at its premiere in July 2009! Because the special Open-Air wants to set […]

Hypnosis Training

Training in Hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Munich the HYPNOSIS Academy fulfils the highest demands on the practice-oriented process and the quality of the seminars. The theoretical basic knowledge about trance and Hypnotherapy is the basis of the training. The seminars of the HYPNOSIS Academy will teach the powerful instrument of hypnotherapy especially practice-oriented the participants […]

Internet Of Things: Between Blah-tsunami And Meaningful Applications

Logistics industry benefits from products with intelligent memory Saarbrucken/Hanover, Germany, March 18, 2009 – a consortium under the leadership of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence is committed to the task, to develop products with memory. The project is called semantic product memory\”(SemProM). The researchers describe some scenarios where writing diary products could be […]