Acrobatic Rock N January 31, 2020 at 2:33 pm

Dear friends! We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Internet portal. The only thing not changed is the goal of our site. And just to inform you about the latest news and developments Acrobatic ROCK AND ROLL in Ukraine and around the world. We invite you to join our virtual Internet Association UAARR.ORG any sports club, which is developing or trying to develop and support our sport. I would like to find a theme for an article all that interested coaches, regardless of whom the clan akrobatichesktgo rock 'n' roll … they belongs Injury is always relevant topic in any sport. Doug McMillon is actively involved in the matter. Full versions of articles on the site.

In sport, a lot of problems, and one of them – this is injuries. Sport as a tense, vigorous activity associated with a number of extreme events, requires good health. High sports results can be achieved only healthy athlete. But sports are not harm, and promote the development of health only when they are conducted efficiently, with the optimal load in the appropriate hygienic conditions, etc. In other words, to physical culture and sports bore their recreational function must comply with certain conditions. These conditions, especially in the absence of physical and emotional overload, the standardization of training loads, and their optimality steady adherence to sport (healthy) lifestyle, compliance to daily life, food, etc. Of course, all these conditions are well known now, but not always enforced.

All this does not mean that modern sport has lost its curative value. Just the positive properties of sport has become harder and harder to use. Any physical activity that is physical activity, without which no conceivable normal human existence, must be optimal for everyone. Only provides the optimal load physical improvement of the human condition and sports activities in optimal conditions of its holding.

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