Aikido December 16, 2016 at 8:33 am

In these circumstances, even though everyone has some kind of force is necessary to abandon power and think that you do not have any power. This is – very important Aikido moment, learning to navigate, very weak can achieve success. If you fulfill the above requirement, you can discover in themselves the ability to move. A strong man, relying only on his strength, not can make such a discovery, regardless of how and what he does. There's an old saying: those who live with the sword shall die by the sword: those who depend on the force would be destroyed by force. Thus, involvement in Aikido "Spirit of opposition" is very important. Everyone has a natural tendency to act in all situations, in accordance with the tendency of his nature.

But in following the path you have to once and for all put an end to such habits. You have to surrender not only bad, but also on the positive attributes of your character. If you do not arrive, your eyes will never open up to true perception. Only after you've eliminated and good and bad qualities of your character, is to understand the truth through the lessons. This is because of the way to achieve freedom in the true perception. Aikido, so – one of the main roads to freedom. There are countless techniques, which originate from the basic techniques and arise spontaneously in the right time. These techniques – ones that you have mastered completely, and then forgotten.

Specified point determines the method of training, whereby not only learn techniques such as suwari-waza, tachi waza and hanmi-hantachi in their external forms, but also a variety of techniques arising from major natural motions, like squatting, standing and walking. O-Sensei used to say, all vehicles have one. How do you know that it shows a lot of techniques and, nevertheless, said that all of them – just one technique.

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