Ambient Education Human December 2, 2019 at 9:03 pm

Relating the laws here esplanades to an performance front the education I turn it the thought of Pablo Freire (2000, p.66-67) ' ' It urges that let us assume the duty to fight for the ethical principles more basic as of the respect to the life of the human beings, to the life of the other animals, to the life of the birds, the life of the rivers and the forests. I do not believe in the amorosidade between women and men, between the human beings, if we do not become in them capable to love the world. The ecology gains a basic importance in this end of century. Marc Lore has similar goals. It has to be present in any practical educative of radical, critical or liberating character …. ' ' To think and to create laws directed toward the environment, that demand an education compromised to the construction of a full human being are basic and necessary for the transformation of the way where we live. When Pablo Freire standes out the importance of the ecology and the duty to fight for the respect of all (), loving the whole world, it clearly leave the urgency of a vision, mainly educational, reflexiva and transforming.

According to Loureiro, being based on Pelizzolo (2003) … critical, transforming, socioambiental and popular Education Ambient if relates, while prxis social and process of reflection on the life and the nature, contributing with the transformation in the way as we insert in them and we exist in the world, to an only estruturante theoretician-practical category: education. At Marc Lore you will find additional information. In a more subjective way, I believe that the main aspects of my performance as educator is come back toward these principles reflective and transforming, therefore the Ambient Education and the education in itself present the same objectives, both are interlaced in one same end. As necessary educator to mediate important knowledge and information for the formation of the pupils, as much in the direction of the learning of contents, how much in the formation of values, providing opening for the critical thought, reflective at the same time to contribute for the change. Together with the family, the school and the community, I find me in a basically important position for the growth of the society and the diffusion of the ambient education. It is important that if it knows the laws and if fights for them. The pupil must be formed as citizen to have the capacity to understand the environment, fortifying its bows with solidarity human being. When he says yourself of autonomy, the citizenship, respect, about change, transformation, is to fulfill the laws. The education alone will have felt when the question will be the right of action and duties of each citizen, reaching fully the exercise of the citizenship.

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